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Shiranui Deck Road to DLv. Max in KC Cup Part 1 [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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road to DLv. MAX in this KC Cup , I choosed shiranui deck and I am playing it's my way ???? and not the 40 card grass deck style , i'm also using lvl 7 synchro monster shiranui squiresaga and the lvl 3 tuner shiranui spectralsword shade thank you for watching my videos ❤️???? and see you guys soon in my next video ✌️ #duellinks #yugioh #yugiohduellinks music : Mendum - Save Myself (with xo sad) [NCS Release] ======================================================================== yugioh duel links,duel,yugioh deck profile,yugioh,f2p,online duels,free mobile game,mobile game,duel links deck,deck building,free game,yugioh decks,cards,yu-gi-oh!,trading cards,free to play,duel links,mobile,konami,decks,new,p2w,yu-gi-oh,game,yugi,kaiba,yugioh duel,king of...
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